Service Excellence - what to look for as consumer

Regardless if the business is big or small, local or internationally, service is what sets one apart from another. One might have a mass load of products with bad service, and the other just enough products to keep you interested, but the service is amazing and you feel at home. Which would you shop at?

Here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself when shopping for your product or service – in no specific order of importance.

Does the consultant or business understand my needs?

Many companies make the mistake of thinking they know it all when it comes to the customer’s needs, when in fact nobody knows exactly what you as a customer want if you don’t tell them. That’s why it is key for a business to listen to your needs before giving you a solution. You might even end up buying more than expected from your provider. Some might see that as a problem, but they will return for more.

'Service with a smile'

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Do they seem passionate about their product?

Passion is what drives any company to success, and you will see it in the manner they present their product to you. Would you rather deal with someone that is just after your money? Or would you deal with a business that loves their product and enjoys presenting their business to you? The answer is simple – You would go to the business that loves what they do, because 9/10 times you will get better service from them.

Do they treat me with respect and professionalism?

One thing you have to remember is you might be dependent on them for their product, but they are just as dependent on you to keep their doors open. Reality is you will be able to get this product from another supplier, especially if the product is in high demand. Your provider should be rolling out the red carpet for you for supporting them. Regardless the size of your business or importance of the individual, companies should be treated equally and with great importance.

Are they on time and available to see to my needs?

The longer you wait for them to rock up to the first meeting, without even bothering to notify you, odds are you are going to wait for them to deliver the service too. Time in any business means money. Do you want to sit and wait for them? They should be there at least 7 - 10 minutes before the meeting.

I buy from this provider on a regular base. Do they know who I am?

Companies focused on client service know who their supporters are. A “Good day Mr. Lovtosh Opalot” goes a long way. So you know they value you as a client if they at least made the effort of remembering your name. Some companies go as far as mailing or sending messages on your birthday. Some offer holidays away or send gifts on important days to thank you for your support.

Do they know their product?

Do they know what they are offering you? Asking questions to which they should know the answer, which you as a client know would be of great importance to your business, might cause you endless if they don’t. You have to know that this product will deliver and they will be able to support this need. Therefor make sure they know their product.

How do they deal with complaints?

Reading their reviews from customers might be a way of picking up how proper they deal with clients. This will be a great indication of their service. Google them or read social media pages about them. Clients won’t keep quiet if they feel that they have received the worse service from their provider. Some might, but not all of them. So read the reviews. If all their reviews are written by their employees, you know something is fishy. Believe it or not I have seen it. It is normal for a company or business to make mistakes, but how they deal with the client after making these mistakes are what set professionalism apart from hustlers. Admittance to making the mistake and accommodating the client to make up for it is key. Blame shifters and “passing the bucket” will just frustrate you as a client. So it is of great importance to do your homework on the provider you choose.