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Hi, and welcome to Estilo Industries' blog. My name is Werner Trauernicht, and I will be your host.

I have decided to write this blog to give you an idea of who Estilo Industries really is. We will be solving everyday questions businesses, or individuals like you, face daily. I know when I started this business the first thing I was thinking about was branding, to get my business noticed of course. What to brand? Where to brand? How much to spend on branding? Will it be worthwhile? It is stressful, but should in actual fact be really exciting.

I started this business after ten years of negotiating with myself to take the plunge and just jump in. I had the name in mind for even more than that. I eventually had it trademarked and wanted to paint the world with it. Initially I wanted to start a brand named Estilo, which is of course still my long term goal, but with creativity and demand customers and the industry drove me into more.

Branding as such is an art. Yes, there are a lot of arts involved, but for me as a branding company owner it is more than that, hence why I am up at 5am in the morning to bring you this first of many blog posts. As you can see, I am the Director and founder of Estilo Industries. It is very little you get the owner of a business writing their own business blogs. Me, I believe you should know who the heart and soul of the business is you dealing with. Who better to tell you the stories and write this blog than me then?

Image brought to you by Atom Smashers

In the next blogs we will be dealing with problematic areas of branding as well as creative ideas you may use. We will also be looking into the importance of branding for your business, and the "do" and "do not's".

Whatever your need or creativity, feel free to have a look at the products we have to offer. Thank you for reading my first blog. Should you have any questions please feel free to mail me at Comments and shares welcome.

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