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August 16, 2015

Regardless if the business is big or small, local or internationally, service is what sets one apart from another. One might have a mass load of products with bad service, and the other just enough products to keep you interested, but the service is amazing and you feel at home. Which would you shop at?


Here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself when shopping for your product or service – in no specific order of importance.


Does the consultant or business understand my needs?

Many companies make the mistake of thinking they know it all when it comes to the customer’s needs, when in fact nobody knows exactly what you as a customer want if you don’t tell them. That’s why it is key for a business to listen to your needs before giving you a solution. You might even end up buying more than expected from your provider. Some might see that as a problem, but they will return for more.





'Service with a smile'

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August 4, 2015


Clothing and Fashion lovers all over the world have a certain technique they have invented to look at the quality of what they are buying. Sometimes it is hard for a trained eye to buy products of lesser quality standards you have set for yourself. Not true?


The question is are you buying for an event, to look good for one night? Or are you looking to wear this piece over and over till it fades out like an old lizard? For me personally I prefer quality over quantity. Now some garments might give you the look you want, for now.. Till you wash it or hang it outside in the sun. Your garment, or beloved fashion item, might evolve from Cinderella ball gown to a bushman lappie in one week. Maybe not that drastic, but it might feel that way to you.


Here is a few tips as to what to look for when buying your beloved fashion item- (please keep in mind - this is how I look at things and with the guidance of amazing lecturers, whom I hope would have their say on my blog, I have develope...

July 27, 2015

Hi, and welcome to Estilo Industries' blog. My name is Werner Trauernicht, and I will be your host.


I have decided to write this blog to give you an idea of who Estilo Industries really is. We will be solving everyday questions businesses, or individuals like you, face daily. I know when I started this business the first thing I was thinking about was branding, to get my business noticed of course. What to brand? Where to brand? How much to spend on branding? Will it be worthwhile? It is stressful, but should in actual fact be really exciting.


I started this business after ten years of negotiating with myself to take the plunge and just jump in. I had the name in mind for even more than that. I eventually had it trademarked and wanted to paint the world with it. Initially I wanted to start a brand named Estilo, which is of course still my long term goal, but with creativity and demand customers and the industry drove me into more.


Branding as such is an art. Yes, there are a lot of art...

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