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In January 2015 Estilo Industries was established. With ten years of planning and networking, studying Clothing and Textile Technology and gaining experience internationally, Estilo Industries is now fully functional and able to bring you, as our valued client, high quality products and services and competitive rates.

The name "Estilo" means "style" or "stylish" in Spanish and it is our aim to live up to this name in the industry. Initially Estilo was created for the purpose of opening a fashion store with a new approach to the fashion industry. As the company developed and more networks were built the focus of Estilo expanded. With the demand in quality branding and services arising and our suppliers offering us the opportunity to offer these services to our clients, we started Estilo Industries. Making use of the networks we built to design our own fashion label gave us the opportunity to offer our clients a variety of high quality products and services we have tested and searched for ourselves over the years.  

Today we have established ourselves as a strong contender in the market and specialize in Corporate Branding, Clothing, Promotional Items, Signage and Vehicle Wrapping. Most of the design work is done in-house or by the multiple design teams we have managed to secure over the years. Our networks are well established and our suppliers are of the highest calibre throughout South Africa. We are extremely focused on quality and our fresh perspective to branding will give you the desired outcome to your branding needs.

Contact us today to assess your requirements. We know the challenges you face and we look forward to working with your brand.    

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